Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The gate to the snowdrops........

Welcome to my first walk of 2010 and this new blog. We are going for a stroll through Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire. The Winter Garden starts in February with the snowdrops, followed by crocus and daffodils, aconites, helibores and hyacinths blooming as the month unfolds.

We start by going through the gate (it reminds me of The Secret Garden) and follow the twisting path.

I would love a walled garden with a gate like this...

Round the corner and behold!

SNOWDROPS!! Lots of them, defying the harsh cold wind that was whipping round us.

Blanketing under the trees, they huddle together as if to keep warm.

HAVE A CLOSER LOOK! Who'd have thought there were so many different varieties of snowdrops!

Don't you think they beautiful, so small, but delicate and strong.

Beautiful nodding little flowers!

Some tall, some short and sturdy, some with fancy double petals, and other simple and elegant, all fighting it out on a cold freezing March afternoon.
After a lovely stroll, we decided to investigate the gift and garden shop at the entrance, perhaps to buy a small pot or two?
Only to discover that the humble snowdrop has gone 'bigtime', and single flowers potted up were priced at £8, £25, and £45 each!!!
We had cream tea - a much cheaper option!
I hope you have enjoyed our little stroll, like the snowdrops, short and sweet.
Till next time,
Love Jx

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