Saturday, 29 November 2008



After reading so many of the delightful blogs that I have discovered over the past year, I have slowly ( oh so slowly) been making baby steps towards a little bloggette of my very own!

A blog virgin, almost computer illiterate! and in secret without any help. Recognise the signs anyone? Playing with pages and fonts and colours and deleting everything and switching off and giving up! Is this normal? Minimizing pages as curious family members stroll past .. has anyone else out there done this? So many questions and will anyone ever find this let alone read it?

So my little friends, if you are there, and like some alien lifeform from another planet, you hear these remote and distant beeps, please, please, please let me know. I will be so grateful and know that I have managed to work this system.

So as I said Baby Steps, little Baby Steps thats the path I'm taking - I would love you to follow....