Thursday, 24 March 2011

Try Try Try again!


Well it seems like a year has flown past and my promises (mostly to myself) have sadly failed.

So in the spirit of Spring and with all this super weather I have decided to give it another go!

I have enjoyed visiting so many Blogs from talented and witty folk out there, that I fear I am slightly over awed!

This friendly little fellow nearly sat on my foot on a recent walk out!

Back soon.......J

Thursday, 18 March 2010


hello,Today it seemed that Spring has finally appeared in the East of England. A jacket kind of day,
The first day of walking to work without gloves! In fact I have worn gloves everyday since November!

Lets hope that this is the start of a lovely spring and summer, so we can all get out and about visiting lovely places and having tea and cakes outside!

Oh well a girl can dream!
Cakes! Tea! Lovely walks! Things can only get better

Have a lovely day

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The gate to the snowdrops........

Welcome to my first walk of 2010 and this new blog. We are going for a stroll through Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire. The Winter Garden starts in February with the snowdrops, followed by crocus and daffodils, aconites, helibores and hyacinths blooming as the month unfolds.

We start by going through the gate (it reminds me of The Secret Garden) and follow the twisting path.

I would love a walled garden with a gate like this...

Round the corner and behold!

SNOWDROPS!! Lots of them, defying the harsh cold wind that was whipping round us.

Blanketing under the trees, they huddle together as if to keep warm.

HAVE A CLOSER LOOK! Who'd have thought there were so many different varieties of snowdrops!

Don't you think they beautiful, so small, but delicate and strong.

Beautiful nodding little flowers!

Some tall, some short and sturdy, some with fancy double petals, and other simple and elegant, all fighting it out on a cold freezing March afternoon.
After a lovely stroll, we decided to investigate the gift and garden shop at the entrance, perhaps to buy a small pot or two?
Only to discover that the humble snowdrop has gone 'bigtime', and single flowers potted up were priced at £8, £25, and £45 each!!!
We had cream tea - a much cheaper option!
I hope you have enjoyed our little stroll, like the snowdrops, short and sweet.
Till next time,
Love Jx

Monday, 15 March 2010


So here we are in the middle of March, and I have decided to revive my initial attempt at this blog. So as the snowdrops peek through the wintery soil, I shall try to breathe life into this little corner!
I shall take a little snowdrop walk, if you would like to join me call back again and we can enjoy it together.

Saturday, 29 November 2008



After reading so many of the delightful blogs that I have discovered over the past year, I have slowly ( oh so slowly) been making baby steps towards a little bloggette of my very own!

A blog virgin, almost computer illiterate! and in secret without any help. Recognise the signs anyone? Playing with pages and fonts and colours and deleting everything and switching off and giving up! Is this normal? Minimizing pages as curious family members stroll past .. has anyone else out there done this? So many questions and will anyone ever find this let alone read it?

So my little friends, if you are there, and like some alien lifeform from another planet, you hear these remote and distant beeps, please, please, please let me know. I will be so grateful and know that I have managed to work this system.

So as I said Baby Steps, little Baby Steps thats the path I'm taking - I would love you to follow....